“I have come that you may have life and have it to the full”

St John

Following consultation with Parents/Guardians during the academic year 2020-21,  at St. Pius X we have adopted the programme Life to the Full by Ten Ten Resources, to teach Relationships Education and Health Education . Ten Ten is an award-winning Catholic educational organisation that is well-respected and very experienced in this field of work.


The Life to the Full programme is based on the structure of ‘A Model Catholic RSHE Curriculum’ by the Catholic Education Service. This model curriculum was highlighted as a work of good practice by the Department of Education so we have confidence that the programme will be fit for purpose in supporting the growth and development of your child.


Life to the Full is much more than a series of lessons. It is an entire platform of creative resources that will engage, inform and inspire our children and, indeed, you as parents. This includes interactive video content, story-based activities, employing a wide range of teaching tools, original worship music and an accompanying programme of classroom prayers.


Life to the Full is intended to be partnership between home, school and church. We know that you already do a fantastic job and we see our new programme, Life to the Full, as a means to further develop, support and enrich the partnership between home, school and church so that your child is fully supported.



In Life to the Full, a holistic approach to the teaching of all RSHE subject matters including teaching on the Protected Characteristics. Children are provided with spiral teaching where on unit feeds into the other. This means that there is a continuous, age-appropriate approach to the teaching of the subject throughout school.
  • In KS1, we look at family structures (particularly KS1, Module 2,  Unit 2: Special People). Modern family structures, which reflect British society, are discussed, with an emphasis on no two families being the same.
  • In Lower KS2, we explore similarities and differences (LKS2 Module 1, Unit 2: We Don’t Have To Be The Same) and deepen children’s exploration of family and others in LKS2 Module 2 Unit 2: Family, Friend and Others.
  • In Upper KS2, we explore difference once again through the Paradise Street series, including discussions around ‘two mums and two dads’ etc.

  RSE Overview – Life to the Full

RSHE progression