Behaviour, Pupil and Physical Constraint Policy

As part of our drive to reward good behavior, work and attitude we use a positive behavior management system in school, known to the children as the ‘Traffic Light System’.

The Traffic Light System will be used in every class from Nursery – Year 6, and it will allow children to reflect upon their behaviour and to make any improvements, if necessary.

The ‘upside down’ traffic lights will be displayed in each classroom

Every child’s name will start each day in the green section of the traffic lights

Alongside the traffic lights there will be descriptors of behaviours

Types of Behaviours


  • Looking at the person who is talking
  • Listening to what others say
  • Following instructions at the first time of asking
  • Sharing and being polite to others
  • Concentrating on work
  • Sharing ideas, asking and answering questions
  • Holding doors open
  • Having your reading book in school
  • Having the correct equipment to work
  • Handing in homework on time
  • Looking after school equipment
  • Keeping the classroom tidy
  • Using manners



  • Being distracted and distracting others
  • Talking when other people are talking
  • Not following instructions
  • Saying unkind things
  • Being rude and answering back
  • Not having your reading book in school
  • Not handing homework in on time
  • Not looking after school equipment



  • Swearing or being verbally aggressive
  • Being physically aggressive
  • Deliberately damaging school property
  • Repeated amber behaviours


How does it work?

  •  It is expected that the majority of pupils for the majority of the time will keep their name in the green traffic light.
  • Any pupil who makes an extra effort, or pupils who are ‘always doing the right thing’ will have their name moved into the star above the green section of the traffic light. Pupils who achieve this will have their effort recorded and will be rewarded at the end of each half term.
  • If a pupil misbehaves a member of staff will initially use the least intrusive method possible to redirect behaviour e.g. a verbal or non-verbal (frown) warning. They will indicate what behaviour they are unhappy with and outline the consequences of continuing with this behaviour.
  • If the inappropriate behaviour continues a final warning will be given.
  • If the behaviour continues, the adult will move the pupil’s name down to the amber traffic light. Staff must be clear with the pupil what they are doing, and what the pupil can do to ensure their name moves back to the green circle.
  • If the pupil persists in this same inappropriate behaviour, his/her name will be moved to the red traffic light. Again staff will continually help pupils make the right choices to move their name/photo back to green and beyond,
  • If a pupil continues to persist with the inappropriate behaviour he/she will be taken to a member of the Senior Leadership Team, or the Head of School, who in turn will make a decision as to whether the pupil can return to the classroom or will have to work in isolation.
  • Zero tolerance is given for swearing, physical assault (deliberate kicking, punching, hitting etc) or damaging property. Any of these behaviours will result in a pupil moving immediately to the red traffic light and discussing his/her behaviour with a member of the Senior Leadership Team and parents.
  • Pupils who have had their names moved to the amber or red traffic lights can work their way back up the traffic light system to green by addressing their inappropriate behaviour and rectifying the situation. If they are seen to be behaving well, working hard and making an effort, the adult will move their name back up to the next traffic light.
  • At the end of each day staff will log the names of any pupils whose names are in the amber or red sections of the traffic lights, along with a description of their behaviour.
  • At the start of each new day all the children’s names will begin in the green section of the traffic lights.
  • At the end of every week, children who have not ended any day that week on either amber or red will receive a small reward, and at the end of each term a larger reward will be given to all children who have behaved well throughout the term.
  • Staff will follow the same traffic light system at lunchtime. At the end of lunchtime, staff will report any pupils’ names in the amber or red traffic light sections to class teachers.

If you have any questions, please speak to your child’s class teacher in the first instance.